Indulge in the finest Mexican and seafood delights at our two St. Paul and Minneapolis locations. Explore our menu featuring Chiles Rellenos, Cocktail de Camarón, and Pollo en Mole Verde con Tamales. Don't miss out on our refreshing Ensalada Caribeña, a medley of lettuce, mango, strawberry, apple, and pecans, drizzled in our signature house dressing. Join us for an unforgettable journey through the flavors of Mexico!

About US


Our story started with a vision: to share the rich flavors of Mexico and the bounty of the sea with St. Paul and Minneapolis. From those beginnings, we've evolved into a cherished culinary destination. Today, we're proud to serve you the best of Mexican and seafood cuisine. Thank you for being part of our delicious journey!


In the present, we are a thriving hub for Mexican and seafood cuisine in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Our commitment to quality and authenticity remains unwavering as we continue to delight your taste buds with our delectable dishes. We're here to provide you with a dining experience that embodies the true essence of Mexican flavors and the freshness of seafood. Join us today, and let us continue to share our passion for exceptional food with you.



Looking ahead to the future, we are excited to expand and elevate your dining experience even further. Anticipate new and innovative dishes that will continue to capture the essence of Mexican cuisine, fused with the finest seafood offerings. We aspire to become your go-to destination for memorable meals and moments. Together, we'll create a future filled with culinary adventures and flavors that leave a lasting impression. Stay tuned for what's to come, as we're committed to making every visit with us even more exceptional.